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Shubman's Yo Yo score is 18.7, highest fitness in the team: Entry in the match only after passing Yo-Yo test, New Zealand players have the best score

YO YO test in cricket
You can choose your possible 11 on the basis of their Yo Yo test in cricket.

Yo-Yo Test: The Ultimate Fitness Fitness in Cricket 

When cricketer Virat Kohli posted his Yo Yo test score (17.2) on Instagram, BCCI warned all the players not to make the fitness test score public.

By the way, the score of Shubman Gill (18.7) was better than Virat Kohli (17.2). Today in 'Take Away' we will know what is Yo Yo Test? Is this test only for cricketers and what fitness tests are there in other sports?

What is Yo-Yo Test?

Starting from football, Yo Yo test entered cricket.

● Danish football physiologist Dr. Jens Bansbo started the intermittent recovery test i.e. Yo Yo test about 30 years ago.

● Earlier this test was used to increase the fitness and aerobic capacity of football players. At that time it did not involve long distance running.

● After some time, Yo-Yo test started being used in other games also. Now Yo Yo is most popular in Test cricket.

● (Yo Yo test is done to check the fitness and stamina of the players. This fitness test is completely based on software technology.

● There are 23 levels for Yo Yo Test but for players it starts from 5th level.

● Test results are recorded with no possibility of tampering.

● Players from all the countries playing cricket associated with ICC have to go through the Yo-Yo test. Able to play matches only when fit.

Source: SportsAdda

In sports, players get tired and prepare again. Yo-Yo test shows how much a player has sweated on the field. This test is based on tiring the body, recovering it and tiring it again.


Running around 2 cones

● There are two cones in 4 Yo Yo test. Both are kept at a distance of 20-20 meters. In this, the player runs from one corner to the other as soon as the beep sounds.

● The second cone has to be reached before the beep. The player runs as soon as the second beep and returns to the original position before the third beep.

● Getting from one corner to another and then back to the original point is called a 'shuttle'. A 'beep' sound is made when there is a shuttle.

● The player gets only 10 seconds to cool down between one shuttle and another.

● Yo-Yo test takes place in a stadium or open field where these cones are installed.

Source: www.espncricinfo.com

In any such game where players are tested Yo-Yo, there are many levels of it. The player is declared fit only after crossing all these levels.

Running is a big challenge in cricket

● Yo Yo test in cricket starts from speed level 5. There is a shuttle in this level. There is only one shuttle up to speed level 10.

● Speed ​​level 11 has two shuttles, 12 has 3 and 13 has 4 shuttles. Speed ​​levels from 14 to 23 have 8 shuttles for each level.

● Speed ​​level 23 in Yo Yo test is considered to be the highest which no player has touched till now.

● The distance of each shuttle is 40 meters. The player covers the same distance at each speed level. For India, a speed level of 16.5 means the player has covered a distance of 1120 meters.

● Any player who does not reach the cone before the beep gets his first warning. Three warnings mean the player failed the test.

Source: www.espncricinfo.com

Cricket playing countries have created different standards for Yo-Yo Test. There is a competition among the players to score as much as possible in this test so that they can draw the attention of the selectors toward them.

Cook's Yo Yo score is highest, Indian player is not around

● Cricket boards associated with ICC have kept different benchmarks for Yo-Yo test. This score is 19 for the teams of England, New Zealand and West Indies.

● It is mandatory for Australian players to score 20.1 marks. Whereas South Africa has made it mandatory to score 18, Sri Lanka 17.4 and Pakistan 17.4. In India this score is 16.5.

● New Zealand players perform best in Yo-Yo tests. His average score is 20.1. England's Alastair Cook has the highest Yo Yo score of 22.3.

● Before the start of the Asia Cup, Virat Kohli's Yo Yo score was 17.2, while opener Shubman Gill's score was 18.7.

● Along with cricket and football, Yo Yo test is also done for the fitness of players in AB, ice hockey and basketball.

Source: www.topendsports.com

Football is a sport that requires maximum stamina. Players of this sport do many types of workouts to maintain their fitness. They go through a variety of tests, including Yo-Yo, to see if they are fit. Interestingly, not only sports, Yo-Yo and Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) are also mandatory for Military Police in countries like USA, England.

Different tests in different sports, the toughest for football team

● There is a Balsam Agility Test or Balsam Run for football players. In this, players run around many cones placed in the field.

● The cones are placed in such a way that players have to change their direction repeatedly. Two 180 degree turns have to be taken.

● Arrowhead run test is done for football players. In this the cone is set in the shape of an arrow. In this, the body control and direction of the players are seen.

● Lane agility drill test is done for basketball players. In this too, the direction is changed again and again along with the speed.

● Multi Stage Fitness Test (MSFT) is popular in many games which is also known as beep test. In this, a race of 20 meters has to be completed before the beep.

Source: Book Fitness, Author-Marcus DiBernardo

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