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Human digital clone in Japan: It will be able to conduct interviews along with online meetings, will also screen patients; Its price is Rs 1.16 crore

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Human digital clone in Japan

Digital Cloning

Science has made cloning of animals possible but no one knows when the human clone will be ready. However, a Tokyo startup has succeeded in creating a digital clone of a human being.

Human clone
The picture is of Kazutaka Yonekura, CEO of Alt Inc. His clone is visible on the screen.

He looks exactly like the owner of the company, talks like him. Updates also take place according to changes in the behavior and preferences of the person. This innovation has been done by the Japanese company Alt Inc. The company's CEO Kazutaka Yonekura dreams of a world where everyone has a digital 'clone'.

Yonekura claims that this clone can take responsibility for our daily tasks. Like attending a zoom meeting. On the computer screen, Yonekura showed his clone with an artificial voice.

This technology is more personal than AI :

Yonekura said - it frees you from all the routine work that you should do tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the day after that. Yonekura, 46, says – this technology is more personal than Siri, ChatGPT or Google AI. Most importantly, it's yours, not the tech company that made it. There will be no risk to your privacy.

He said- The cost of the clone made by Alt has come to around Rs 1.16 crore. That's why it will take time to prepare it on a large scale. Information about the person to be digitally cloned is removed from social media, sites and publicly available records and stored in the software.

Japan is also making a robot with a human face. Pictured is Hiroshi Ishiguro (right), director of Japan's Intelligent Robotics Lab, with his robot (left).

Digital clone technology will make a unique place in the world :

Yonekura said - Apart from the cooperation of South California and Tokyo University, Alt has also received domestic investment of about Rs 330 crore. It has also got help from venture capital funds of Japanese banks. Tech expert Utamura says- Like Japanese animation, digital clone technology will also make a different place in the world.

Digital clones that embody your values ​​and goals can become powerful agents of change. By reflecting personal beliefs and principles, clones can inspire positive change on a global scale by touching the lives of others as a symbol of compassion, empathy.

With the help of this technology, people will be able to focus on being creative;

Yonekura says- The digital clone is designed in such a way that it can handle the maximum work of the original person. He can take meetings, if hiring is to be done then he can take initial interview of the candidates.

If the clone belongs to a doctor, he will be able to do initial screening of patients. This will enable the native people to utilize their valuable time for more constructive work. Experts say that digital clones can realize such a society, where people will be able to focus on being creative and will waste less time on tedious conversations.

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