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Violation of the law by writing caste-religion on the car: Invoice will be deducted for pasting stickers of gods and goddesses on the glass, police-journalist-MLA is also not exempted

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Violation of the law by putting caste-religion stickers on the cars 

To show off their pride on the road, some get words like MLA, journalist written on their car, while some stick their surname and religious stickers. These days the police in Uttar Pradesh is running a campaign against such vehicles.

Writing anything like this on a bike or car is a violation of the law. Many people even get black films, pressure horns and hooters installed on the mirrors of their vehicles despite the ban. According to the law, committing such a mistake can lead to jail.

Caste and religious stickers on cars

● It is a crime to write slogans or messages related to caste or religion anywhere on the body of a bike or car.

● Police can take action in such cases under Section 179 (1) of the Motor Vehicle Act-1988.

● The police have the right to seize the vehicle. Courts may also have to be visited.

● Putting such stickers on vehicles can distract the attention of other drivers and create law and order problems.

For good visibility, it is necessary to clean the front and rear glasses of the vehicle, but often people put big religious stickers on them too. Some people put only black film on the mirrors. But, doing anything like this is a violation of the law and the orders of the Supreme Court, for which the police can take strict action.

The government has made rules for the number plates of vehicles. The design, size, color of the number plate are all fixed. Despite this, some people get fancy lines written on the number plate itself, while others show their prestige by getting their surname or position written on them. But, the law considers it and police action can be taken.

● Traffic police can issue challan even if words like Army, Police, Press, MLA are written on the vehicle.

● Vehicle number plate under Motor Vehicle Act-1988 But there is a ban on writing anything other than numbers.

● Along with the number on the number plate, it is necessary to have 'IND' written in blue color in the middle on the left edge of the strip.

● The number plate shall be made of a solid aluminum plate of 1 mm thickness. Write the registration number in black letters on white background.

Violating the law can lead to paying fines to going behind bars. Different fines have to be paid for breaking the rules related to number plate, writing words indicating caste-religion.

Jail for breaking rules

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