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Stay alert in winter: reducing physical activity in this season makes blood thick; This will cause brain stroke

brain stroke symptoms
Violent neck massage and dance jerks can also cause brain stroke

Brain Stroke 

First of all let us see what is the condition of brain stroke in India....

• According to the Indian Stroke Association, brain stroke is the second most common cause of death in the country after Coronary Artery Disease (CAD).

• 18 lakh people are suffering from brain stroke in the country.

• At the same time, a 2019 report by Lancet Global Health states that 7.4 percent of the total deaths in India are due to brain stroke. There has been a 100 per cent increase in stroke cases in the country between 1996-2019.

World Brain Stroke Day is celebrated on 29th October.

It is becoming the cause of death of millions of people around the world. Mild winter has started. The risk of brain stroke is high in this season. Apart from this, there are many small mistakes of ours which cause this. Today we will talk about this in the news of need.

Get answers to all your questions related to stroke from Dr. Gaurav Goyal, Director and Head, Neuro Interventional Surgery, Institute of Neurosciences, Medanta Hospital, Gurugram.

Dr. Goyal says… We have to understand that all the treatments for stroke are easily available today. There is simply lack of awareness among the general public. They are really unaware of what stroke is. How is it treated and which doctor should be consulted for treatment? We want to tell that he should consult a neurologist. Who can do the right treatment by advising a CT scan.

Question 1- What is stroke?

Answer- It is a medical emergency. In which brain damage occurs. It is also called brain attack. This happens when blood does not reach the brain properly. There is a lack of oxygen and blood in the tissues of the brain and a stroke occurs. Not only this, when the blood vessels in the brain burst, then it is called brain haemorrhage. It can also be a cause of stroke, which is known as hemorrhagic stroke.

Question 2 - When is it supposed to be a stroke? Means what are its symptoms?

Answer- Its symptoms are called FAST. Let us understand it in detail below.

Fast means the face will be tilted to one side after the stroke.

Arm means numbness or weakness of one side of the arm, arm or leg. Not being able to move.

Speech means difficulty in speaking, unclear language,  Unable to select words correctly, problem in answering

Time means consulting the doctor on time, if you see even a single symptom, then don't ignore it and get it treated on time.

brain stroke causes
Cause of a stroke 

Question 3- Why does the risk of stroke increase in cold?

Answer: Stroke becomes more common in winter because blood becomes thicker in cold weather. This prevents proper blood flow to his brain. This leads to stroke. Also know that stroke is more common in India and Southeast Asia than in the rest of Europe.

Now read the reason why the risk of brain stroke is more in winter...

Lying on the bed for a long time in winter. Physical activity decreases. Blood pressure in the body becomes high and the risk of brain stroke increases.

Hunger is more in this season. Due to lack of exercise and drop in temperature, it becomes very difficult to keep the body at normal temperature. Therefore the body eats more food to keep its temperature normal. Work has to be done to digest this food so that the body continues to get energy and heat. If we become lazy in doing this due to cold, then the risk of brain stroke increases.

Eat more sweets, ghee and oil in cold weather. The reason is that it increases and we do not do enough exercise, due to which there is a possibility of high blood pressure and sugar. The risk of brain stroke is very high in patients with diabetes, obesity and blood pressure.

• There are some people who drink and smoke to keep their body warm during cold weather. This increases the risk of stroke.

Drinking less water can also be the cause of brain stroke. Most people do this in winter. Because of which there is a complaint of dehydration. Proper amount of water is required in the body to maintain body temperature. There is a possibility of blood thickening by drinking less water.

Question 4- Is it true that men get more strokes than women?

Answer- If stroke is going on hereditary in the family medical history of some people, then it increases the risk of stroke in other family members as well. Due to genetic predisposition, stroke is more common in men than in women. This is especially seen in men from South East Asia. Men in the age group of 40-60 years also have a higher risk of brain stroke than women.

reasons for brain stroke
5 reasons for more chances of Brain stroke in Youngesters 

Also know and let others know that.......

Wrong neck massage and dancing can also cause brain stroke.

Such stroke patients also come to Medanta Hospital who had received neck massage. The reason for this is that neck massage should always be done with light hands. As soon as you massage vigorously, there will be irritation and burning sensation, which can cause artery damage. This will cause stroke. That's why neck massage should be done with soft hands.

Similarly, jerking the head too much while dancing can also cause stroke. So avoid putting too much pressure on your head. Be careful in daily work as well.

Question 5- What is the treatment of stroke?

Answer- If a person suffers a stroke, he should reach the hospital as soon as possible. Do not start treating yourself because in this situation the artery is getting blocked every minute. In such a situation, brain arteries are lost at the rate of about 20 lakh per minute. If a patient reaches the hospital within the first four and a half hours. So he is given medicines to prevent blood clots. This medicine works in about one third of the cases. Even if the patient comes within 24 hours of the stroke, treatment is still possible.

Reducing the risk of stroke is not a difficult task, know some tips and tricks for a healthy brain.

• Patients with diabetes and high BP should check their cholesterol every day and take medicines on time.

• Get your health checkup done once a year, which also includes brain related tests like MRI, angiography.

• Follow a healthy lifestyle and take special care of diet and exercise.

• Learn stress management.

• Avoid smoking and drinking.

• Control obesity.

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