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Why after being together for years; Divorce happens: Is only money the reason;10 ways to save relationship;




The World of Statistics has released new statistics regarding countries that get divorced. The Divorce rate of many countries has already increased in the 2023 ranking. Statistics show that Portugal has the highest number of divorces. The divorce rate there is 94 percent. In this list, the divorce rate of India has been mentioned as 1 percent.

The Divorce rate in India is very low as compared to the rest of the world. But also you cannot deny that the divorce figures are also increasing rapidly across the country. The thing to understand is that marriage in India is not between two people but between two families. Even when there is a divorce, the two families are separated along with the husband and wife. If there are children, it has a deep impact on their mind.

In our country, problems like love, hate, marriage and second marriage are solved at the social level. In such a situation;

  1. What could be the reason for the increasing number of divorces? 
  2. How can this be stopped? Let's talk about this today.

Question: When did the right to divorce get in India? 

Answer: The Hindu Code Bill was passed in the Parliament in the 1950s. In this women were given the right to property. Prohibited polygamy and got the right to seek divorce. This law was amended in 1976. Divorce was allowed with consent between husband and wife. 

Question: What is the reason for increasing divorce in India? 

Answer: With the passage of time the traditional joint family started disintegrating. Women started going to work or started their own business. Thus women were no longer dependent on their husbands for financial security. Husbands should also not be of maleistic thinking like before. They have also started helping in the household chores. There has been a change in matters related to gender discrimination. The responsibility of maintaining the relationship is as much that of the wife as it is of the husband. This relationship cannot move forward until both of them fulfill this responsibility together.

divorce rate
Divorce rate in indian states

There are many aspects of divorce. If women demand alimony from husband for raising children after divorce, then the society calls them greedy. To test this greed, the Economic Research Foundation conducted a survey, in which 405 women were interviewed.

Question: What was revealed in the survey of the Economic Research Foundation regarding divorce? 

Answer: In this, 405 women were interviewed, from which it was found that...

  • In 86% of cases, children stay with the mother after divorce.

  • 1.7% women used to earn more than 35 thousand.

  • 42% did not have any job so they demanded alimony.

  • In most of the cases, the alimony was either received nominally or was not received at all.

After all, what is the reason for the breakdown of these marriages and how can we save our relationship?

Psychologist, Shivani Mishri Sadhu answered these questions of ours.

First of all let's understand the reason…

Apart from the reasons given in creative, there are some other reasons for divorce,….

● Extra Marital Affair: Cheating on your partner. Having relation with any other woman/man even after marriage.

● Domestic Violence: Fights between husband and wife over trivial matters. Violence and assault

● Weight gain: Being attracted to someone else after seeing your partner gain weight.

● Beauty: Giving importance to external beauty. Because of this hesitance to take his partner among friends.

● Unfulfilled expectations: The promises made to each other before marriage are not fulfilled later.

● Spending more time in job: Due to your job, you have to spend less time with your partner. Living in different cities due to work. Not taking responsibility of the partner.

● Forced marriage: Many people get married for the sake of their family members. Relationship lasts for some days. The latter part with bitterness.

Now know how to save divorce...

If you don't want divorce, here is 10 ways to save relationship ;

  • See your partner from the point of view of a friend.
  • Take care of each other's likes and dislikes.
  • Fulfill all the responsibilities well.
  • work as well as personal life, give time to your partner.
  • Do not increase any quarrels so much that the matter reaches to the fight.
  • Make a little change in yourselves for each other.
  • Don't break your relationship because of increasing weight and aging.
  • go for a walk with your partner once a week.
  • Talk to each other with respect.
  • Try going to the office party with your partner.
  • Introduce your partner to friends and relatives.

According to psychologist, Shivani Mishri Sadhu, when the lockdown was imposed during the Corona period, the relationship between Indian husband and wife is more broken than before. They had to stay together for 24 hours, due to which quarrels started increasing and relations came to a standstill.

Now know what different surveys say about divorce:

  • There are more women who are divorced and separated from their husbands than men.
  • According to a research conducted at Kingston University in London, women are happier than men five years after getting divorced. It has also been seen that the financially weak woman was also happy after the divorce. After the divorce, she got a chance to live freely.

  • Divorce cases are slightly higher in North Eastern Indian states than in other areas.

  • Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Haryana and Rajasthan, which are known to be patriarchal societies, have very low divorce rates.

  • Gujarat has the highest number of divorce cases among the big states.

while going....

Know the rules of two countries related to divorce....

Philippines: This is the only country where divorce is banned. For a long time, a bill related to divorce is present in the Parliament here, whose passage remains in doubt. According to the current law, if a person divorces a foreigner, he can remarry. But even if a domestic couple gets divorced outside the country, they are still considered married.

Japan: Most of the divorces here are straightforward. Here married couples get divorce by signing a one page form without going to the court. There is no provision in the law of Japan related to the custody of the child. Here the woman has to wait till six months after the divorce for the next marriage but there is no such restriction on the men.

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