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Momos can get stuck in the throat, life can be lost: What is the right way to eat? Read AIIMS advisory.....

Easy momos recipe

In Gopalganj, Bihar, a bet was made among friends to eat momos. A friend died while completing this challenge.

In fact, in order to fulfill the condition, this 25 year old youth ate 150 momos one after the other. After eating the young man fell unconscious. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where the young man died. Doctors say that the cause of death could be choking of momos in the throat.

Earlier too, a 50-year-old man had suffocated after eating momos.

How to eat momos and food? 

Our experts will talk on how momos became the cause of death:-

• Dr. Shuchin Bajaj, Founder Director, Ujala Cygnus Hospital, Delhi

• Dr. P Venkata Krishnan, Internal Medicine, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon

• Dr. Parag Sharma, Chest Physician, Hamidia Hospital

Question 1: How did a young man die in Bihar after eating momos? 

Answer: Earlier also AIIMS has issued an advisory saying that momos are greasy and slippery. People eat momos one after the other with great speed.

If it is eaten in a hurry instead of chewing it properly and is swallowed directly, it gets stuck in the windpipe by going inside. Due to which death can happen. This problem is called neurogenic cardiac arrest.

Question 2: How does eating food in a very fast manner harm the health?

Answer: By eating food frequently, air also reaches inside the body along with the food. Due to which the problem of gas and bloating starts. Apart from this, there are many disadvantages too. Let's understand from the creative below-

Eating fast is a bad habit, there will be 4 disadvantages

1. Weight gain: This is because it affects gut hormones. This signals the brain that the stomach is full. By eating quickly, signals get delayed to the brain and you eat more.

2. Gastris:

Reason: To eat fast increases the risk of erosive gastritis . Swelling occurs. 

It can also cause ulcers.

3. Diabetes:

Reason: In this situation, the body is unable to use insulin as it should. In such a situation, the risk of insulin resistance increases.

Insulin level deteriorates.

4. Metabolic Syndrome:

Reason: Insulin resistance is directly related to metabolic syndrome.

Due to this, fat starts accumulating, cholesterol level in the blood starts decreasing.

There may be some other problems with this. As-

• Choking the throat

• effect on heart

• high bp

• airway obstruction

Question 3: Why does food get stuck in the throat and how does it cause loss of life?

Answer: Dr. Parag says that our neck area is quite thin. It has 2 tubes.

First wind pipe, second food pipe. There is an epiglottis between the two, which decides whether you will eat food or breathe.

You also eat food and breathe through your mouth, but you cannot do both at the same time. Try this yourself, you cannot swallow anything while breathing.

Death cannot occur if something gets stuck in the food pipe. The thing that goes into it either goes inside or you expel it through cough. In this you may face problems like vomiting, cough or pneumonia.

There is a risk of death when food gets stuck in the windpipe. It stopped breathing. Death can occur due to suffocation and neurogenic cardiac arrest.

Food can get stuck due to these mistakes while eating

• On eating food quickly.

• On eating while talking continuously.

• Swallowing food directly without chewing it.

• On feeding the child while playing.

• On feeding someone in sleep.

• Eating too much at once.

Eating problems
Problems after eating in wrong methods 

Question 4: Sometimes food gets stuck while eating while laughing or speaking, what to do if small children's food or toffee gets stuck in the house?

Answer: If something gets stuck in the respiratory tract, the best way to get it out is for the patient to cough or he should try to cough himself. This helps in getting the food out.

Apart from this, follow 3 tips when food gets stuck in the throat-

1. Heimlich maneuver or technique:

Heimlich technique is used in case of suffocation and difficulty in breathing due to something stuck in the throat. This can help in removing things stuck in the respiratory tract.

Actually, in the position you take for Heimlich Maneuver Technique, emphasis is placed on the stomach.

Due to pressure, the diaphragm, an important respiratory muscle, rises up, thereby expelling air from the lungs. The trapped thing is taken out of the windpipe.

Note: Before doing this technique, keep in mind that there is no pregnant woman. If there is a child then it should not be younger than 1 year.

How to do the Heimlich Maneuver Trick:

• Keep the person standing straight.

• You go after him.

• Hold it with both hands.

• Hands should remain below his chest and above the navel.

• Pull it forcefully towards the stomach and release it i.e. give a jerk.

Note: If the stuck thing does not come out at once with this trick, then immediately go to the hospital. Don't try home tricks.

2. Drink big sips of water:

Food stuck in the throat may become dry. In such a situation, drink a big sip of water 4-5 times, due to which the substance stuck in the throat will get wet and will come down easily.

3. Trick to drink carbonated drinks:

Actually, carbonated drinks are dangerous for health. But when food gets stuck in the throat, it breaks the stuck food. The carbon dioxide present in carbonated drinks helps in decomposing food. When soda enters the stomach, it creates gas. The pressure created by this separates the food.

4. Butter:

This lubricates the throat. By swallowing a spoonful of butter, the stuck food goes down easily.

Question 5: What is the right way to eat, so that it does not get stuck or stuck in the throat?

Answer: Understand from points-

• Eat comfortably while sitting on a chair or the floor.

• Eat food by dividing it into small pieces.

• Eat food by chewing it thoroughly.

• Cook hard food thoroughly, so that it does not get stuck in the throat.

• Do not laugh or shout while eating.

Question 6: Many people say that momos contain vegetables.There is stuffing, it does not cause harm. How true is this?

Answer: Momos are not unhealthy food as they are not fried but steamed and contain vegetables. But It is not so.

Momos have cabbage stuffing, which if not cooked properly may contain tapeworm spores, which can harm health.

The vegetables and chicken that are stuffed inside the momos tend to get spoiled when stored for a long time. Which can be harmful for health.

Question 7: What are the other side effects of eating momos?

Answer: Mono-sodium glutamate is added for taste in momos. Sodium glutamate is like white crystal powder.

Which not only increases obesity but also increases the risk of diseases like nerve disorder, sweating, chest pain, nausea and increased heart rate.

Question 8: Is there any harm in eating red chutney and mayonnaise of momos?

Answer: Various chemicals and colors are added to deepen the color of the red chutney of momos. Due to which abdominal pain, burning sensation, acidity and piles problems can occur.

Preservatives, artificial ingredients are added in large quantities in the mayonnaise available in the market.

It contains saturated fat. Cholesterol level starts increasing due to high saturated fat, due to which the risk of heart disease also increases to a great extent.

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