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Mind-reading neuro-technology devices are dangerous: companies making them are selling brain data, demanding full rights to regulate brain;

Neurotechnology devices 

Mind-reading neuro-technology devices

What if whatever is going on in your mind is written on the computer screen... This is possible through neurotechnology devices ie mind reading machines. From this it can be known what someone is thinking. As cool as it sounds, it is just as dangerous.

The number of such devices is increasing world-wide. Experts believe that if a law/Rules regulation is not done now, then this will become the biggest threat to humanity especially the privacy of the people.

Hence the need to legislate;

Neuroscientist Rafael Yuste of Columbia University founded the Neurophytes Foundation. They say- 18 companies are forcing their consumers to give full rights to the company to get their brain data. One of those companies even takes the right to give this data to any third person.

All this is happening because the governments are not focused on neurotechnology and this rapidly growing industry is adopting arbitrary attitude. If they are not controlled now, then in the coming time they will start regulating the human mind.

Devices can control people's thinking and behavior ;

Neurotechnological devices can change both people's thinking and their behavior. Therefore it is necessary that brain monitoring devices be controlled.

Nita Farahney, an ethicist at Duke University in North Carolina, says policymakers, especially those involved in politics, will use neurotechnological devices to manipulate people in their favor, while another problem with medical devices may be that not all people behave in a particular way. Start behaving from

Human brains 

Companies are selling human brain data:

From big neurotechnological companies to startups making headsets, earbuds, wristbands that record human brain activity. These companies are creating a database of human brain through them and selling this data to other companies. Due to the leaking of this data, the privacy of the people is being completely destroyed. Other companies are creating new products based on these data.

Neurotechnology business worth 2.70 lakh crore :

According to UNESCO report on neurotechnology, patents related to neurotechnology across the world have doubled in 5 years from 2015 to 2020. Investment in the field of neurotechnology has increased 22 times from 2010 to 2020. At present, the business of neurotechnology across the world has become more than Rs 2.70 lakh crore. It is clear from the speed with which companies are researching and investing in it, that it will grow many times faster now.

In the same month, UNESCO organized a meeting in Paris on the advantages and dangers of neurotechnology. Neuroscientists, policy makers and ministers from many countries took part in it. UNESCO's Assistant Director-General for Social and Anthropological Sciences Gabriela Ramos says that this is not a matter of technology, it is a very difficult social and legal matter. There is a need to make a law on this soon.

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