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Different shape of bones affects health: Long torso in proportion to height causes back pain, long shin bone causes knee problems..

Bone shapes
Different shape of bones

Effects of shape of bones on Health

If someone is suffering from back pain or crooked knees… then the genes inherited from their parents may be to blame. A recent study has revealed the genes that determine the width of the shoulders, the length of the legs and the shape of the entire skeleton. It is because of these that the size of people varies and they affect the health of people.

According to a University of Texas study published in the journal Science, if the torso is long in proportion to the height, then there is a possibility of back pain. On the other hand, if the hips are too wide then they can be surrounded by the problem of osteoporosis.

Conversely, those with longer thigh bones (femurs) are at increased risk of knee problems, pain, and arthritis. Eucharist Kun, lead author of the study and biochemistry researcher, says – Diseases arise due to biomechanical stress on various joints of the body. Everything from our gait to the way we sit is affected by the proportions of the skeleton. It is clear that these are major risk factors for diseases.

osteoporosis silent disease 

Researchers studied biobank data with AI :

Researchers have studied biobank data of more than 30 thousand people aged 40 to 80 years. Using artificial intelligence (AI), the researchers analyzed the results of whole-body X-rays and genetic tests.

The AI ​​program was able to work out which genes were shaping which body parts to create a genetic map of skeletal proportions. This process revealed 145 regions associated with genes controlling skeletal development. Prior to this only a few were known.

The scientists also found a link between back pain, osteoporosis, as well as discomfort for the knees from the long tibia (shin bone), and osteoarthritis due to the high knee joint.

The ratio of all the skeletons included in the study was 30% to 50% genetic. It is clear that genetics determine what you will be. Also, what health-related problems may arise in the future.

What is artificial intelligence?

AI means Artificial Intelligence, a machine that is intelligent, can analyze data by itself, can talk, speak and understand languages. Find answers to difficult questions. Can do the given work.

Genetic map reveals how developed human skeletal architecture :

Integrative Biology Expert Vagish Narasimhan says- 500 years ago Leonardo da Vinci thought about the proportion of a human being. We are grappling with the same puzzle today. The AI-generated map reveals how our unique skeletal architecture evolved.

It also shows how humans were able to walk upright on two legs due to genetic changes. This bipedal movement made primates adaptable to all kinds of environments. Hands freed to use tools. This accelerated cognitive development and set the stage for the 'modern man'.

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