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Diabetes heart attack due to increase in abdominal fat: More women than men Suffering due to abdominal obesity; eating these 8 things will reduce belly fat ,

How to loose belly fat
A woman suffering due to abdominal obesity.

How to loose weight/ Belly fat 

In India, women are more troubled by abdominal obesity than men. According to the data of National Family Health Survey-5, 40% women and 12% men in the country are suffering from the problem of abdominal obesity. The weight of 23% women and 22% men is more than BMI (Body Mass Index). Studies show that 5-6 out of 10 women between the age of 30-49 years suffer from abdominal obesity. The survey also found that healthy women also suffer from excess belly fat. Because of this they are at risk of many diseases.

Obesity is different in men and women;

Neurologist Dr. Sudhir Kumar of Hyderabad Apollo Hospital says that there are two types of obesity. Fat accumulated on the stomach is also called abdominal, central and truncal obesity. This is more common in men. This obesity is called Android Obesity.

The second is peripheral or gynoid obesity, which is more common in women. This obesity in women increases fat around the waist, thighs and hips. This especially happens in the pre-menopause stage because at that time the level of estrogen hormone starts decreasing in women.

Women's obesity more dangerous after menopause;

Abdominal obesity is more common in men. Abdominal obesity is more risky. Because of this, heart attacks and strokes are more common in men. Besides, they also drink and smoke more than women. At the same time, this condition becomes dangerous in women after menopause because the protection they are getting from estrogen hormone stops.

Neurologist Dr Sudhir Kumar
How many calories were consumed or burnt during day.

In such a situation, when women consume too many carbs, they start suffering from heart attacks and obesity related diseases. Abdominal obesity also occurs in women after menopause.

Why does fat start accumulating on the stomach?

Doctor Sudhir Kumar says that eating and not exercising are the two main reasons behind belly fat. Apart from this, the overall lifestyle of the person also contributes a lot in this. Lifestyle includes things like diet, sleep, physical activity and stress. Apart from this, genetic reasons and changes in hormones are also a reason for obesity.

Even if the amount of protein in the diet is less, fat starts accumulating on the stomach. People who do not burn the calories they consume through food and drinks regularly are more likely to gain weight. This also includes belly fat.

More carbs, less protein increases belly fat:

Dr. Sudhir says, 'Some people feel that the belly or enlarged stomach looks bad and hence it should be reduced. They do not know that it is more dangerous in terms of health rather than looks. People think that eating too much oily and fatty food items leads to accumulation of fat. Which is not true. The main reason for belly fat in our country is our diet. We all eat more carbohydrate-rich food rather than protein-rich food.

He says that the quantity of roti and rice in people's plates is more than that of vegetables and pulses. And those who do not eat non-veg, there is no protein in their plate. Apart from this, we are continuously eating sugary food in the form of tea, coffee, sweets, ice cream. People do not burn the amount of carbs they are consuming. Those carbs convert into fat.

Loose weight
These 8 things will reduce belly fat 

Increased fat on the stomach invites serious diseases;

There are many different types of fat in our body, out of which 90 percent of the fat is under the skin. All fats are different from each other and their role in the body is also different. The problem with belly fat is that it isn't limited to the padded layer just beneath the skin. Belly fat includes both subcutaneous fat and visceral fat. Doctor Sudhir calls both subcutaneous and visceral fat dangerous.

Visceral fat means that the fat of the stomach is around the internal organs of the body. This is white fat, which is deposited around the liver, kidney, intestine and heart along with the stomach. When its level increases, it can lead to diabetes, heart disease, stroke, even certain types of cancer. Belly fat is home to diseases like high blood pressure, heart disease, high blood sugar and diabetes, stroke, fatty liver, sleep disorders, cancer, excess unhealthy fat content in the blood.

Health will improve by improving lifestyle;

The problem of belly fat is such that it does not go away easily. A lot of effort has to be made for this. If you are troubled by your belly fat and want to reduce it, then you have to be strict about your lifestyle. Never forget breakfast. Skipping breakfast messes up your metabolism and slows down the fat burning process.

Also pay attention to the calorie consumption throughout the day. Good sleep is also important for good health. In such a situation, you will have to improve your sleep. Apart from this, drink enough water and make exercise a part of your regular routine.

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