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Many flaws found in Google Chrome: Due to this attacker can hack your computer, learn how to avoid it....

google chrome
Google Chrome

Many flaws in Google Chrome:


The Indian Government's Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) has given a strong warning about Google Chrome. They're saying that a certain version of Chrome has problems that could let bad people take over your computer. This Indian agency works with the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to keep things safe online.

CERT-In has cautioned that because of issues in Google Chrome, people might encounter security problems that could put their private information at risk. These problems can lead to things like fake websites trying to steal your info, unauthorized access to your data, and harmful software getting into your device. That's why it's really important for users to stay alert and do things to keep themselves safe.

How Your Computer Can Be Hacked ?

Google Chrome has some problems with its security that could let a bad person (hacker) take control of your computer. These problems are in different parts of Chrome, like Prompt, Web Payments API, SwiftShader, Vulkan, Video, and WebRTC. A bad person could also use a big mistake in a video or a number mistake in a PDF.

The official note says that Google Chrome has many issues because of a mistake in V8. This includes a big mistake in Visuals, reading and writing too far in WebGL, accessing memory too far in ANGLE, blink task timing, casting and using things after they're done in WebRTC, not checking data enough in add-ons, and doing things wrong in add-ons.

Even worse, a bad person could use these problems to send you to a bad website. If you go to a bad website, the bad person can take control of your computer and steal your personal information.

List of all the flaws mentioned in Google Chrome through CERT-In;

• CVE-2023-4068

• CVE-2023-4069

• CVE-2023-4070

• CVE-2023-4071

• CVE-2023-4072

• CVE-2023-4073

• OVE-2023-4074

• CVE-2023-4075

• CVE-2023-4076

• CVE-2023-4077

• CVE-2023-4078

CERT-In has provided information about which versions of Google Chrome have these issues that users are experiencing...

• Google Chrome versions earlier than 115.0.5790.170 for Linux and Mac

• Google Chrome for Windows versions earlier than 115.0.5790.170/.171

CERT-In has advised that if you're using one of these two versions, you need to quickly do something to make sure your systems are safe.

What to do to protect the system from being hacked?

To keep your computer safe from hacking, a group called CERT-In suggests that you should quickly update Google Chrome to its newest version. Google has already made a new version that fixes these problems.

steps of Google Chrome update

Here are some easy steps to keep your device safe:

  1. When you go online, remember to follow these tips:

- Only visit websites you trust.

- Don't click on unfamiliar links or websites that seem suspicious.

- If you're not sure, it's better to avoid that website.

2. Protect your accounts:

- Use a strong password manager to create and keep strong passwords.

- Turn on two-factor authentication (2FA) for extra security on your accounts.

3. Watch what you share:

- Be careful about the personal info you share online, especially on social media.

4. Keep your device updated:

- Make sure to update your device's system and software regularly to stay safe from potential threats.

5. Use extra security tools:

- Install firewall and antivirus software to guard your device against harmful software (malware).

What are the disadvantages of computer hacking:

Stealing important personal information.

• This can lead to losing your money.

• The person doing this can also harm a company's reputation by taking valuable information.

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