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Surprisingly, the way the Biden government is talking to other countries is happening during difficult times. But the impact of how this affects the whole world could be really big.

America’s pursuit of Saudi-Israel rapprochement

America’s pursuit of Saudi-Israel rapprochement (peace)


  • The United States has been using quiet talks to help Saudi Arabia and Israel become closer. This might change how power is balanced in the region and even beyond.
  • These talks are happening during difficult times. The US didn't like how Saudi Arabia was involved in the killing of Jamal Khashoggi. Also, the US disagreed with Prime Minister Netanyahu's plans to build more homes for Jewish people in the West Bank and to have less independence in the courts in Israel.

Change in West Asia?

  • Since 1945, the US and Saudi Arabia made an agreement. The US promised to protect Saudi Arabia's military, and in return, Saudi Arabia would give the US a steady supply of oil and energy. However, the US hasn't always supported Saudi Arabia in its conflicts and tried to make a deal with Iran to stop its nuclear weapons development. This made Saudi Arabia unhappy.
  • As a result, Saudi Arabia started exploring different options. They talked to Iran with China's help, worked with Russia to keep oil prices good, and more. With the upcoming US elections, the Biden administration wants Saudi Arabia to be friends with Israel and to be influenced by the US. Saudi Arabia asked for safety guarantees like NATO countries have, access to advanced American weapons, the ability to use nuclear power for peaceful purposes, and for Israel to agree to a two-state solution with Palestine.

What are the motivations for this reconciliation?


  • The United States is trying to become more important again in the Middle East. China helped fix problems between Saudi Arabia and Iran by talking to them. 
  • Russia is also getting more involved because of conflicts in Syria and Yemen. If Saudi Arabia and Israel make peace, it might help Mr. Biden win the next election.

Saudi Arabia

  • Saudi Arabia wants to become an important player in its region. The United Arab Emirates has started making peace with Israel as part of the Abraham Accords. When Saudi Arabia also makes peace with Israel, it will influence politics in the West Asian area. 
  • Saudi Arabia also aims to balance its relationships with Iran and Syria by making friends with Israel. This will show that Saudi Arabia will do whatever it takes to protect its own interests. It might also help Saudi Arabia get important technology from Israel in the future.


  • Israel wants the Muslim countries in West Asia to recognize it as a real country. This would allow Israel to easily connect with Asia and make stronger economic connections with those countries.

Implications for the Global Order:

  • Because of the problems between Israel and Palestine, some countries like Pakistan and Indonesia haven't been friends with Israel. But this might change. This could also make the differences between the Palestinian side and others even stronger. Some countries like Iran and Syria, and groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, could make things more extreme and cause fighting.
  • People were unsure if India would become better friends with Israel because they also wanted to be friendly with Saudi Arabia and the UAE. But trying to make peace might help India and Israel become even better friends. The United States will also be okay with this.


Nut Graf(nutshell paragraph): The United States is trying to help Saudi Arabia and Israel become friends again, so that it can have more control in the Middle East. This might change how strong different countries are in that area and also affect how the world works.

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