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Excellent work in 5 areas of medical through AI: Detection of heart attack, lung cancer; hospital management is also being done through AI 

AI in medical
AI can help in doing excellent work in 5 areas of medical. 

AI in Medical Field 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is affecting every part of life. At the same time, due to this, there have been major changes in the health sector. According to Britain's National Institute for Health and Care Research (NIHR), AI has made both screening and treatment of diseases easier.

Through AI, hospitals already know when and how many beds are needed. Breast screening through AI has cut the work of radiologists in half. According to the NIHR report, currently excellent work is being done in 5 areas of medical through AI.

Senior Research Fellow Dr Gemma Quint, who prepared the report, says the time has come to show trust in AI. Potential eye diseases are also being detected through AI. In an eye test of 2,500 people, the AI ​​made 5 out of 6 predictions correctly.

What is AI ?

What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI means Artificial Intelligence, a machine that is intelligent, can analyze data by itself, can talk, speak and understand languages. Find answers to difficult questions. Can do the given work.

*Blood test can also measure heart attack 

Usually heart attack is detected only after reaching the hospital, but AI based smart stethoscope will detect heart attack in primary stage at home itself. It gives up to 90% accuracy.

Another research showed that even a routine blood test could be detected by an AI application if a person had a heart attack. Right now 1 in 100 has a heart attack.

*How much medicine for which patient? 

Cancer is being detected early through AI. AI can map the growth of cells from the city scan itself. Cancer can be detected immediately by the irregular growth of cells. Through AI, doctors can also find out how much medicine to give to which patient to destroy cancer cells.

*How many beds are needed at what time?

Hospital management has become easier because of AI. Now the hospital knows in advance that how many beds will be required by the hospital in any area at any given time. Actually, UK researchers have developed such an AI model, which is connected to ambulance and emergency service.

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